Mónica Bitar for Awakened Academy

April 24, 2023

Mónica Bitar describes her experience with completing a certification for spiritual life coaching at Awakened Academy.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mónica Bitar

Could you describe a time that Awakened Academy helped you practically?

Mónica Bitar: In practical terms, the many of the lessons in Awakened Academy have helped me to set myself up for success. I was moving houses, changing the place where I lived when I was just uh studying the all the detox part of the course. And it helped me to set up a beautiful clean environment for myself that invites uh meditation, invites um progress, success. Um Yeah, it's just a loving environment that feels clean and in order. So that is just one of the many examples when Awakened Academy has helped me in practical terms.

How would you describe Awakened Academy in three words?

Mónica Bitar: For me awakened Academy, in three words, embodiment of over delivery and if I may expand a little bit, it is just unbelievable, the quality and the quantity of the resources and the lessons that they give us, that they provide us embodiment of over delivery.

Why is Awakened Academy different from other similar products or services?

Mónica Bitar: I think the main difference between Awakened Academy and many other programs of similar nature is undoubtedly the quality, the quality of the program, the quality of the content. Because you know there are many programs where you have an evergreen course like here that you can set your pacing and then there is a live question and answer session and there is some support, ongoing support. So the structure can be similar. But the quality of the content, I think Awakened Academy is unparalleled.

How has your life changed since joining Awakened Academy?

Mónica Bitar: One of the main ways in which I feel that my life has changed since joining Awakened Academy is that I feel much more empowered. Awakened Academy is a constant invitation to be me, be and embody what I want to teach and guide others. So as a spiritual life coach, I live in my life and in my daily routines that, that I am going to guide others through. So that has been amazing, that has been part of an amazing transformation. And this I am that first and then I coach it.

What is your favorite thing about studying with Awakened Academy?

Mónica Bitar: I have two favorite things about working and studying with Awakened Academy. One is the content. I mean, as I said before, the quality of the content is just unbelievable. I am so grateful. I love it so much. It resonates with me so much is the language that I speak that I understand. Not talking about tradition and language because English is not my first language, but I mean spiritual language and that kind of language. I love the content. And number two and very important the people starting with of course, Michael and Arielle and then Lauren and Kathy and all the team and the fellow students in our Facebook group. So those two things, the content and people make all the difference in the world and I just love it and I'm so grateful.

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