Marci Pruitt reviews Awakened Academy

August 30, 2023

Marci talks to us about coming into alignment with self, really digging deep, and the self-work that takes place when certifying to become a Spiritual Life Coach with Awakened Academy.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Marci Pruitt

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us why you wanted to be a spiritual life coach or help others?

Marci Pruitt: Hi, my name is Marci Pruitt and I wanna share with you why I wanted to become a spiritual life coach. I completed my ultimate dream and that was to be a stay at home mom and raise my son. That ended a few years ago when he turned 18, he's 21 now, and so I had been on a journey of what next. And, I have been through a lot of healing myself and I just wanted to share that with everybody else and, help them find their ultimate dream and joy and bliss in their life. And so spiritual life coaching came into my field of knowing. And so I began, researching and I found Awakened Academy and that is where I began my journey.

What led you to specifically choose Awakened Academy's Spiritual Life Coaching Certification program?

Marci Pruitt: So, after researching, I came across Awakened Academy and read into their pamphlet and had my interview with Kathy. And we really talked about alignment and if this program was the correct one for me and being how it's on such a deep spiritual level. And also the main focus in the beginning is to focus on healing yourself. I thought what a better place to start than with myself so that I can heal what's in me to further help people heal themselves.

Can you share a key insight(s) or the most valuable thing(s) you learned through the Awakened Academy certification program?

Marci Pruitt: So some of the key insights that I've learned this far, it has been that to really dig deep within me and to be able to listen and really find those things that really, really, really, really, really matter. Not saying yes, just because I think that's what other people want, but really listening in deep and asking my higher self and, and myself if it's something I really, really, really want and if the answer is no, then I say, I'm sorry, I'm not prepared to do that or I don't think I fall in alignment with that today. But if it's yes, then of course I jump on it. I've also learned to move forward without fear and to really begin to see myself as a powerful person that is capable of anything.

How has achieving, or working towards, certification as a spiritual life coach impacted your life or career? How is your life better now?

Marci Pruitt: So how is my life better? Wow. So, so many things come to mind as to why my life is better now. I feel more assured in myself and more aligned with my true purpose and I have a direction in which I can travel and go and things just seem to effortlessly fall into place as I began to get closer and closer to this certification. At the end, I have one more pillar. And so I'm really, really excited to see what comes next.

What would you say to someone considering joining the Awakened Academy Certification program?

Marci Pruitt: So what would I say to someone who is wanting to join Awakened Academy? I would say that you really need to make sure that you are in alignment with wanting to grow and wanting to dig deep into who you are, and what makes you who you are? Awakened Academy has really helped me integrate my soul with my body. That's how I'm gonna put that and the head knowledge to know the difference and to be able to really feel joy and love and bliss on a very, very deep level. It's not just about going through the process and making sure that, you know, I've, I've got this certification or that one and, and this one actually certifications don't mean squat if you haven't done the deep dive work. And it's needed to be a good, a successful spiritual life coach. And so Awakened Academy has been able, been the tool for me to use to be able to dig deep into myself, to be a better spiritual life coach. And to know, you know, those things that are needed to help people process and integrate and find out who they are?

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