Karlie Kuehn reviews Awakened Academy

August 29, 2023

Karlie talks to us about what inspired her to pursue Spiritual Life Coaching, overcoming an eating disorder, and accomplishing her dreams while completing her certification at Awakened Academy.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Karlie Kuehn

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us why you wanted to be a spiritual life coach or help others?

Karlie Kuehn: Hi, everyone. My name is Karlie. I'm from the US. And I was inspired to become a spiritual life coach as a result of my own healing journey. So it was really when I began to go down a path of spirituality and healing that I started to discover myself and I started to discover the light within me. And I felt very called to help other women discover their own light. So my healing journey really began when I was 17, just entering into college. When I opened up to my parents after a deep meditation that I had my first time meditating, I received a visual of like myself, but this empowered leader, this goddess is badass. And I was like, who is she? And I kind of saw hope for myself, like maybe there's more beyond what I was struggling with at the time, which was a life consuming eating disorder that I had had ever since the age of 10 or 11. And so from seeing that visual, I, I felt called to open up to my parents and, and really tell them what was happening and start to receive help. So that's really where it began and flash forward. 23 years, I experienced a relapse in the eating disorder, but it came back because I had deeper work to do. I kind of was like sitting at bay just always kind of hanging over my head. It never fully released. And it was right around the time when I was like a sophomore in college that I began to awaken spiritually through podcasts and also through moving through family loss that I started to awaken and start to ask myself, why am I here? What is my purpose? And why is it that I have had to deal with certain things in my life. And so the eating disorder came back stronger than ever. And I was diving into spirituality, I read like the Universe Has Your Back? Started to ask for signs. I received my signs in like a field of butterflies. One day to go to the eating disorder treatment center again and receive help. And I had asked the universe, I remember I asked the universe, I was like, send me a sign in a bunch of butterflies if, if this is what I meant to do, if my pain will become my portal to healing, because I had to see a light at the end of the tunnel. And so I remember walking on my college campus one day, like about a week later after I asked for that sign, and I just saw a huge bush of monarchs, like hundreds of monarchs. I've never seen that many before. And I just, I, that was my sign. I was like, ok, here we go. So I began treatment again and it was about a year into that where I really started diving into spirituality and started to ask for support from the universe that I discovered self love. And I discovered confidence. And I was like, wow, even though I was still struggling with my body image, even though things weren't sunshine and rainbows, I discovered self love and confidence within myself due to me seeing a purpose beyond my body, beyond this body consciousness. And from there, I was like holy shit. I need to help other beautiful people discover their light and discover their purpose and discover a life that feels good to them. And so as a result, I looked into getting my spiritual life coaching certification whilst finished finishing up college and studying psychology and holistic health and healing. So I began Awakened Academy about a year and a half ago and I officially finished my full certification recently. But it, for me, it was a spiritual awakening along with gaining my certification. And I feel like that whole journey was necessary to be able to help support others. And so from all of that, basically, yes, I learned that my pain was my portal to healing and purpose. And as a result of that journey, I was called to become a spiritual life coach and help other women, other beautiful souls come back home to themselves and rediscover their spiritual path and purpose.

What led you to specifically choose Awakened Academy's Spiritual Life Coaching Certification program?

Karlie Kuehn: I honestly feel it like it was very divine for me to discover Awakened Academy. I, in all honesty, I just searched on Google like life coaching. But when I was looking to get my life coaching certification, I was also awakening spiritually. And I really felt that spirituality was something that for me helped me so much in discovering my purpose and discovering motivation or just like a sense of faith to overcome what I was dealing with. And so I felt that if I was going to be a life coach, I had to integrate my value for spirituality into it. And I wanted to work with people that were open to spirituality. So I think I just searched life coaching on Google and Awakened Academy popped up and I was drawn to it because of the amazing reviews. And I really loved how it mentioned that you experienced coaching yourself to become a life coach and you kind of went through that first pillar of applying it all to your own life. And honestly, it was through that first pillar that I feel that I gained most of my confidence in becoming a coach because I experienced it all myself. It took me to another level of, of awakening and up leveling. And so I think it was all those things combined. It was divine timing, it was the divine program, but it was also just the way that it was set up that it, it brought you to also experiencing coaching as you were gaining your, your certification. So I think it was those things combined that really just led me to choose this specific program. And not only that, but I just felt such a welcoming presence from it like a very you, you, you define your own spirituality and nothing is pressed on you. And I think that's something that I really was looking for was something that was very open and allowing you to have your own experience and that lead the way for you and the work that you do. So, yeah.

Can you share a key insight(s) or the most valuable thing(s) you learned through the Awakened Academy certification program?

Karlie Kuehn: I think there, there were multiple things through the certification that I feel like have been key and valuable in my own life and the work that I do with clients. But I think one of the top things takeaways that has been extremely valuable was learning how to lean on spiritual support for guidance and helping in releasing and surrendering things. So I remember there was a technique where you put the thing you're dealing with, like you visualize, putting it into a gift box and sending it out and surrendering it up to the universe. And that right there, that soul remembrance piece of it, like when you're dealing with the deep, the hard, the heavy things remembering that you are a soul and you can ask for spiritual guidance. I think that was something that was so powerful to learn in the certification and really apply to my life. And it has been something that has been so, so helpful um using with clients whenever they're dealing with something extremely heavy and it just really feels like they can't put it, you know, the weight of them doesn't, can't all be on their shoulders. We we let some of that go by asking for that universal support. So I think the sole remembrance piece and coming back to that was such a key takeaway from the academy and the work that I do with my clients. I also think creating a big vision that has been such a key takeaway. It's something that I now do regularly with myself as I hold that big vision and then also learning how to create a big vision with your clients and learning how to do create a program or, or move shift and, and flow with your your work together based off of that big vision. I think that was extremely helpful because before my time in Awakened Academy, I was like, how do I know how to guide my clients? And then after learning really how to create that big vision and how to structure your first call. And all of that was just so helpful in in really learning how to lead clients. So I would say the sole remembrance aspect, the learning how to call on spiritual support to help you move through the hard, the heavy things in life. And then also just creating big visions and really learning how to support your clients in getting there was super helpful.

How has achieving, or working towards, certification as a spiritual life coach impacted your life or career? How is your life better now?

Karlie Kuehn: This certification. I think honestly was such a big help in fully recovering and healing from the eating disorder. Like I'm not even gonna lie. I think if I wasn't, I mean, I think at some point, I would have learned all this stuff because I really feel like I'm, I was just meant to go down a spiritual path. But the fact that Awakened Academy came into my life when during a time when I was also moving through eating disorder treatment, I have to say that what I learned in that first pillar of really applying the lessons and everything to your own life that is, is truly what allowed me to surrender and release the eating disorder to see a purpose for myself that was bigger than the body consciousness that I had struggled with and, and suffered so heavily with throughout my life and integrating regular meditation and learning how to work with my own thoughts and feelings and emotions and how to call on spiritual support and guidance was extremely powerful in helping me heal and overcome. I think the biggest block in my life thus far. And yeah, I would just say overall working through and, and gaining the certification allowed me to grow and evolve more on a spiritual and physical and emotional level. And without that, I don't think I could support my clients in the ways that I do. Now. It's really as a result of the experiences that I have in the ways that I have learned to work through them with the support of the techniques and the tools shared in Awakened Academy. And I just feel like I'm a better coach now, I am a better friend. I am a better partner and, and the best version of me that has ever been. And I know that's only going to continue to grow and evolve. But I just feel, I feel like I have a whole set of tools that I have learned to use first on myself. And now from experience, I'm able to share them with clients and with friends and family to help them on their own spiritual journey and healing journey and life experience, journey.

What would you say to someone considering joining the Awakened Academy Certification program?

Karlie Kuehn: I would let them know that if they feel called to join, if they feel that energetic pull to not doubt it, that is your soul. That's your intuition guiding you showing you that, hey, this is the step. This is the step that you are being shown. You don't need to know the entire journey or how it's going to evolve or how you're gonna create your business or how this is going to fit into the big picture. All you need to know is that you are being called to it and that this is the step in front of you that is going to allow the rest to unfold. I remember when I enrolled in the program, I had no clue what was coming my way. I was just like, I know I want to be a spiritual life coach. I know this. I didn't know how it was gonna happen or how it was going to unfold. I was only for me. I was only 20 when I enrolled in Awakened Academy And I remember thinking to myself, oh my God, Imust be insane for doing this. And I was on the phone with the person who helped me enroll and she was like, if you are feeling that energetic pull, don't doubt it. You are never too ambitious to start. You are never too young, you are never too old. You are never too anything to begin. Something that you are being called to do that your soul is pulling you towards. There's never going to be the perfect time to do anything. So you have to choose for yourself to be ready. And I think, I think if you are being called, know that this is the step, this is the step that you are being shown right now and the rest is going to unfold for you in the most beautiful ways and know that you are going to be so supported throughout your entirety of this program. There is a Facebook community supporting you. You have access to mentors. If you need any support, you can always reach out for help and you learn so much about yourself through it and you, you, you learn through experience. So you don't have to know how it all is gonna fit together or how the business is gonna grow. Just trust that this is the step that you're being shown for a reason and take it because it's an incredible experience. And I have, I don't think I would be where I am today without this. So do it take the leap, choose to be ready if you are called to do it and don't doubt it.

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