Joe Bennet reviews Awakened Academy's Spiritual Life Coaching Certification

August 15, 2023

Joe talks to us about Awakened Academy, what he really connected with during the program and how it has positively impacted his life since completing his Spiritual Life Coaching certification.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Joe Bennett

Tell us about who you are, how you got into the program, and what you loved!

Joe Bennett: Hi there, everybody. My name is Joe. I am a spiritual life coach and I've been coaching for many years helping others transform their lives. And I will say that I've taken many coaching classes over the years and they're all pretty good. Coaching classes are, you know, good classes to take. But I've got to say that when it wasn't until really, I took the Awakened Academy program that my coaching truly became transformational for others. So, I'm gonna talk about the program with, with you guys today. When I discovered Awakened Academy on Facebook, and I was scrolling around, playing around on Facebook and I see this boom, this ad pop up spiritual life coaching program. Immediately, my spirit moved me to dive into their website into their, into their ad. And I researched their website, I reached their research, their program. and I saw that it was a deeply, deeply extensive program and not only was it deeply spiritual, many, many spiritual portions to it, obviously, but also had many, many practical aspects to it. And it was um something that was uh combining those two. areas were, was truly unique that I've, I've not, I hadn't seen that before. So would I have to share that the key takeaway for me from participating in this program is right? The combination of helping others uncover their spiritual selves, which is critically important to me, but it was also done in a very practical and results oriented manner so that people could simply if they follow the process and and Michael and Arielle just will give you a a process that many processes that you can use to help people. So the combination of the spiritual aspects of their program combined with the practical aspects of their program was deeply unique and wonderful and transformational. I gotta say, you know, this, this program, I didn't, I, originally, when I started, I was, oh, I want to be a spiritual life coach that sounds great, but I didn't realize how big of an impact it would have on my life, right? So this program not only helped me with my coaching, but it also helped, helped me deepen my spiritual awareness. And I've got to say, boy right now, my life is pure joy and ecstasy. I love getting up every morning, I connect with God every morning. I listen to Arielle's meditations on Insight Timer all the time and on the website all the time, right? And it's my life is just like I said, pure joy and ecstasy and Arielle and Michael's program on Awakened Academy is the the key aspect to this. And uh I will also say Arielel and Mike will always stay connected with you and they will never stop trying to help you in any way possible. And you can ask them, you can throw questions at them, you can participate in their Zoom calls. So you will have an enormous connection with them and you will also have an amazing community to connect with and that was also deeply, deeply important. So I would say that listen, if you're considering or you're thinking or you're overthinking about joining Awakened Academy's program, I don't have to tell you this. Stop considering, just sign up so that your life can be transformed so that you begin moving forward and going deeper, right? Arielle and Michael are truly amazing humans and you will get to know them. They will even do some coaching with you. And that's, that's really truly remarkable but also participating in their community on Facebook and on their website is, is truly remarkable as well. So really stop hesitating, stop overthinking this and just do it. And I will, I will tell you that your life will be transformed. Sorry if I'm sounding over, over saying that. But um I'm I'm very excited about their program and always have been, I think I always will be so peace and blessings to all of you and I encourage you all to, to sign up as soon as you can and um and enjoy and enjoy your life. Getting deeper. Thank you, bless you all.

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