Dawn reviews Awakened Academy

August 09, 2023

Listen to Dawn's thoughts on shifting lack mentality, going deeper with meditation and getting her first client as a Spiritual Life Coach with Awakened Academy.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dawn Benjamin

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us why you wanted to be a spiritual life coach or help others?

Dawn Benjamin: Hi, my name is Dawn Cecile Benjamin. And one of the reasons why I wanted to be a spiritual life coach mentor is that I believe that my gift is to encourage and the encouragement comes from within. You see, my creator, I call him God. I was born, created to encourage others to find their purpose in life. So many of us are living in this physicality world that has us in a state of confusion. And so part of my gift is to have them open their eyes so that they can see that they're more than the just as body to teach them to go within so that they don't go without.

What led you to specifically choose Awakened Academy's Spiritual Life Coaching Certification program?

Dawn Benjamin: What led me to choose Awakened Academy? Originally, I looked at another course and I said, oh, that course is only $2500. I said Awakened Academy. But then I reminded myself that's from a scarcity mindset. And when I looked at everything that was given to us in this program and to continue so that you can always go back. They're always gonna be there, Michael and Arielle are always gonna be there. They're always gonna give more. It was a no-brainer. It's Awakened Academy.

Can you share a key insight(s) or the most valuable thing(s) you learned through the Awakened Academy certification program?

Dawn Benjamin: Where do I start with some of the programs? Oh my God. I love three levels of learning. Um A lot of what I'm learning here, I'm using in my coaching packages. Another key element is the meditation with Michael and Arielle. I found myself going deeper in meditation than I have ever done before. I just started meditating in January. And what I experience in this certification program with the meditation. I can't even tell you or express that I have gone places that I never even thought that I could imagine. Share one. I went and I saw I am the light. I am abundance and I'm willing to do this all on the whiteboard, handwritten by someone else, the creator. You learn so much. It's, it's again, so much and I'm still learning more.

How has achieving, or working towards, certification as a spiritual life coach impacted your life or career? How is your life better now?

Dawn Benjamin: Oh, how has, oh my goodness, my life has shifted and changed. I am much more confident and bold. I'm more centered, my faith has increased my belief system. And also I show that to the clients. So this has been a complete transformation. It has shifted so much in my life. Being in this program. I can't, I know this is one of the best decisions I have made so far.

What would you say to someone considering joining the Awakened Academy Certification program?

Dawn Benjamin: AA, Awakened Academy, It's a no brainer. But let me just explain if you're looking for a program that is getting ready to shift you in a direction that will elevate you to where you need to be in your life. Special, special. I'm just saying for the spiritual life certification, I am learning so much. Like I said, I use this in my programs and I go back at times, I have a book full of notes, Dharma, all the different courses. And like I said, the meditation, the 21 day challenge. I got my first client with the wealth. I am wealth. Oh my God. There is no other certification to take. This is it this, this is it. And I, and I told you in the beginning, I said, hey, this is expensive. Once that scarcity mindset went out every month, I made payments with no problem. So this has showed me and this course has shows me, showed me that all things are possible. If you believe this is a wonderful, wonderful program, you guys better join. Have a great one. Thank you so much, bye-bye.

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