ACE Program Testimonial | Mohamed Ghassen Gargouri

September 21, 2023

Video Transcript

How did you hear about the ACE Program?

Mohamed Ghassen Gargouri: I work with Aviatrix within SAP on a few projects. And my account manager introduced me to the ACE Program. He said why not, you know, upskill, get certified, and then on board your knowledge to SAP.

Why did you decide to become ACE certified?

Mohamed Ghassen Gargouri: I have a networking background and I decided to move my career to the cloud. I joined the ACE Program because it offers a comprehensive multicloud training, which is, you know, per my knowledge is unique in the industry.

Was there a particular "aha" moment for you in the ACE Program?

Mohamed Ghassen Gargouri: I would say that the moment when I defended my architecture design for the ACE Design Expert exam, that was really a unique experience for an IT certification. Because usually we have, that classic process of multiple choice questions, but really to pass ACE Design Expert, you have to design and defend an architecture. That's something which is new to me, and I really like the the concept.

Would you recommend the ACE Program to networking engineers?

Mohamed Ghassen Gargouri: Yes! Especially if they are looking for a cloud certification, that is cloud agnostic. They will acquire a multicloud knowledge and the foundation of cloud networking and security. I would recommend the ACE Program highly because it's well-designed to build this kind of cloud knowledge.

How will you leverage the skills you learned through ACE in the future?

Mohamed Ghassen Gargouri: ACE will help with the current cloud migration trend in the industry. With the skills that I learned, I know exactly when to migrate to the cloud and most importantly, how to do it in an optimized way and in a resilient and highly available way. So this is, this is exactly how I intend to use the new skills I acquired in the ACE Program.

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