ACE Program Testimonial | Mack Tate

March 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Why did you decide to become ACE certified?

Mack Tate: My personal decision to become ACE certified was I really wanted to better understand the cloud. And in my previous employment, I was a little bit of a cloud newbie. You know, just getting started, knew just enough to be dangerous. I wanted to learn and to see how could I progress my career and what would be a good path to start. Looking around at the different vendors and different online training, ACE stood out because it gave me that foundational understanding of multiple clouds and it was relatable to a network engineer and how they could progress their learning. So the content from the Ace program,

What is unique about ACE compared to other technical certifications you have?

Mack Tate: The content from the ACE Program, is very in-depth, and it's also a very nice linear progression for someone who doesn't have a lot of cloud experience moving all the way through the design or expert level knowledge that's required, and the proof that you know what you're talking about and what you can do.

What advice do you have for other network engineers who want to get skilled in cloud networking?

Mack Tate: about and what you can do the best The best advice for someone starting out would be take a look at our ACE Associate training. It actually does a very good job of taking complex subjects and relating them to something that you already understand and something that's very basic. Then from there, you can move and grow depending on your pace and your interest level. You know, you can start off from a very basic standpoint and learn brand new about AWS or Azure or any of the other CSPs. But then you also can really dive deeper into those concepts about, hey, here's how this technology X, Y, or Z works.

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