ACE Program Testimonial | Jorge Cortes

March 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Why did you decide to become an ACE?

Aviatrix ACE is one of the best programs out there to to learn about networking across all different clouds, which is very important.

When you talk to customers, they, for the most part, they have a multicloud strategy or they are looking to expand into another cloud, and it's important to speak in their terms. I think the ACE Program gives you that language to level set your networking knowledge across clouds and be able to relate to customers. I think with ACE, what Aviatrix is doing, is building this community of certified people and certainly is a pioneer with this program.

Why should other network engineers expand their cloud knowledge with the ACE Program?

I think the big thing right now is that it's the only certification that I've found that talks about the different cloud providers even when it's just focused on networking. Because that's what Aviatrix does. I think it covers those topics across clouds in a consistent manner, which it's very important. That would be the biggest differentiator.

How was the ACE Design Expert certification process?

It certainly was an expert-level certification process. It was tough, but I think overall the way it's structured, is really good. It's applicable to real-life scenarios.

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