ACE Program Testimonial | Maxime Deraet

September 22, 2023

Video Transcript

What is the benefit of having both a Cisco CCIE certification and an ACE cloud networking certification?

Maxime Deraet: When you have a certification with legacy and on-prem it helps you understand the concepts of networking. With that, your brain, your mind is able to understand the different techniques of networking. Starting, as I said, with the on-prem. Now, the center of gravity is completely shifting to the cloud. Even for conservative customers, it will come soon, in two years, five years, they will have not even one cloud service provider, but maybe 2, 3, even 4. And it will be a mix with the on-prem. I think it's a fantastic addition to have an ACE cloud networking certification.

How is the ACE Design Expert certification like the Cisco certifications?

I have been invited to take part in the ACE Design Expert certification And for me, yeah, it's kind of an accomplishment because you can compare the ACE DE certification as a mix between Cisco CCIE and Cisco CCDE because you have some part labs, you have to go through different labs like the CCIE and you have to defend an architecture you have designed, with business objectives and requirements and that's quite challenging and you have to solve it with the design pillars. So these are the, the two sides of the ACE DE certification.

What is the benefit you see in achieving the ACE Design Expert certification?

The ACE Design Expert certification is a certification across the clouds to the on-prem. The center of gravity, as I said, will have shifted. And if you have the ACE DE certification, it's not like you are certified in one cloud like AWS or Azure. It's that you are certified in multiple clouds because you are able to build a multicloud network and network security infrastructure.

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