ACE Program Testimonial | Adam Stipkovits

October 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Why did you decide to get ACE certified?

Adam Stipkovits: I believe that the networking industry in general is very much driven by certification. So it's also important to, you know, show the world that you know your stuff and also in the process of getting certified, you end up learning a lot, right? Because the ACE certification covers all the different clouds and in your day to day work, you're not necessarily working with all the big cloud service providers (CSPs) and this drives you to learn more about the CSPs that you're not necessarily working with in a day to day fashion.

Why should other network engineers expand their cloud knowledge or grow their careers with ACE?

So, for network engineers, I believe it's imperative these days to start looking at the cloud, because more and more companies are moving there. And the traditional networking skillset will never be irrelevant, but you have to start learning new skills just because the way the cloud works is very heavily based on things like automation. And the traditional networking concepts, you gotta twist them a little bit, and ACE helps in learning the right way to twist it effectively in your favor and to make the jump from being a traditional networking engineer into a cloud engineer. And then with ACE Design Expert, it adds the additional architect related or architecture related knowledge or perspective into into the mix.

How will you apply these new cloud and networking skills in your career?

So I'm a cloud network architect, but I was an ACE before I became a cloud network architect. So, ACE basically helped me land the job as well, I would say. I use it in a day to day fashion because my job is to rearchitect the the network in the cloud for the company that I'm working for.

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