SolvChem Partnership Video

August 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sheyla Gonzalez, HR Manager, SolvChem, Inc.

Our Compliance Program with Avetta

Sheyla Gonzalez: Hello, everyone. Hello, everyone. My name is Sheyla Gonzalez. I'm the HR Manager here at SolvChem. I'm excited to talk to you today about our partnership with Avetta. At SolvChem, we are a leading chemical supply company primarily serving the Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas regions. Since 1981, we've prioritized our core values of safety, customer focus, continuous improvement and excellence in execution. As we continue to expand, we need to improve on our pre-qualification process which is currently manual and lacks automation and standardization. We are implementing our Compliance Program with Avetta to digitize and streamline our pre-qualification process. We also want to track performance, safety, ESG, and sustainability from one platform which Avetta enables us to do. We are asking you to join in our Compliance Program to help us improve standards across our supply chain and ensure a safe, healthy work environment for all SolvChem suppliers and contractors. By joining this program, you'll be able to easily understand our work requirements and become compliant for your work with us here at SolvChem. Thank you.

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