Extenet Partnership Video

July 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brandi Cook, Supply Chain Director, Extenet

Our Compliance Management Program with Avetta

Brandi Cook: Hello everyone, Hello everyone, my name is Brandi Cook and I'm the Supply Chain Director at Extenet. I'm excited to talk to you today about our partnership with Avetta. At Extenet, we are always working to elevate the standard of excellence for digital infrastructure through innovation, industry leadership, and service to our communities. For over two decades, we've put our customers first to provide best-in-class connectivity. We are implementing our Compliance Management Program with Avetta to help us pursue higher standards of safety and compliance throughout our supply chain. This program will increase visibility for our vendors and increase accessibility for our internal teams so that they can easily access our vendor capabilities and their associated compliance status. We are asking you to join our Compliance Management Program to help us ensure a safe, healthy work environment for all of our vendors. Partnering with Avetta positions Extenet to achieve higher standards of safety and compliance and we want our vendors to raise that bar with us as we continue to grow. By joining this program, you'll be able to easily understand our work requirements and become compliant for your work with us here at Extenet. Thank you.

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