Access Partnership Video

August 23, 2023

Video Transcript

Our Supplier Pre-Qualification Program with Avetta

Brook Cobaugh : Hello, my name is Brook Cobaugh, and I'm the Director of Procurement here at Access. Today, I'm pleased to announce our partnership with Avetta to implement a Supplier Pre-Qualification Program. So I'm sure you know, Access is a full service records and information management solutions provider. We help our clients manage the entire information life cycle, whether the documents are paper, digital, or a combination of both. Access is growing fast with over 230 locations across the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. With Access's rapid growth, we've matured to a scale where a streamlined process and professional support with documenting our supplier qualifications is needed. This partnership with Avetta is a key aspect of our ongoing commitment to risk management and safety, and will help ensure that our suppliers share our dedication to the highest operational standards. This program is important to us. We are asking for your help as we look to streamline our onboarding process and improve communication and support for our suppliers. Importantly, by joining this program, you'll be able to easily understand Access's requirements for working at our sites. Access will continue to rely on you, our suppliers, for the goods and services you provide. We thank you for your support and partnership.

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