Meet Dr. Emily Dennison

May 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Emily Dennison, Owner, Avery Dental Wellness

Hi, this is Dr. Emily Dennison from Avery Dental Wellness.

Emily Dennison: Hi, my name is Doctor Emily Dennison and I am the owner and dentist at Avery Dental Wellness.

I would love to share my vision for Avery Dental Wellness.

Emily Dennison: My vision for a free dental wellness is to simply start by asking why, why does my patient who brushes and flosses religiously still keep getting cavities? Why does my patient have progressive gum disease? Regardless of how hard she tries? Why does a six year old grind their teeth and snore at night when we figure out why, then we can start figuring out how to help our patients as dentists. We are excellent at fixing problems. But I think we really need to start understanding why there's a problem in the first place after all the mouth is the key to what's happening in the rest of our bodies. My mission is simple to provide dental care to you and your family that protects your teeth, preserves your teeth as much as possible and prevents further damage to your oral health.

What makes us different from every other dentist's office?

Emily Dennison: I know that every dental office says that their office is different than all the others. But I think what truly sets every dental wellness apart from other offices is our laser focus on the idea that the mouth is as individualized as the person it belongs to. And it's important that we start treating it in that way. You'll also notice from the moment you walk in the door, a very serene and calming environment. Each operatory is completely private so no one can hear you next door and you won't hear anything next door. It's a very calming environment and I made it that way.

When will we be open and accepting new patients?

Emily Dennison: I am so excited to get this journey started and I cannot wait to meet you. We're hoping to open at the end of August and starting beginning of May. We're accepting scheduling. Can't wait to meet you.

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