Avery Dental Wellness Video Welcome

May 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Welcome to Avery Dental Wellness.

Dr. Emily Dennison: My mission for Avery Dental Wellness is really just to shake up dentistry. I was just tired of doing the exact same thing. I would have a patient come in. I would drill the cavity out. They would come back six months later, and they'd have a new cavity, and it kind of felt like I wasn't helping my patients. So I decided I need something different. I need to change the way dentistry is done. I want to know why they have a cavity versus let's just fix the cavity. So I decided to create Avery Dental Wellness in order to really, truly help our patients to change the way dentistry is done and to start asking why, why do we have these problems and how do we help our patients fix them?

Why We're Different

I know that every dentist says, "my office is different than all the other offices." And, in a lot of ways, we're all unique. But I think what sets Avery Dental Wellness apart from other offices is we are focused on personalized dental care and that means every patient will receive a treatment plan that is based solely on what is going on in their mouth. We do something called bacteria testing at Avery Dental Wellness, and the way that works is you spit into a tube, we send it off to a lab and they let us know what bacteria are living in your mouth. Those bacteria are what cause the dental diseases that we see such as cavities, gingivitis, periodontal disease. And we specifically treat the bacteria instead of just giving a cut and paste, which is what we've always done in dentistry. We try to actually help our patients solve the problem

in our body. You know what they say, a healthy mouth equals a healthy body!

Welcoming New Patients

So this is really exciting. We are hoping to open at the end of August, beginning of September. I cannot wait to meet you! Our scheduling link will be going up soon and we can't wait to see all of you as patients. Thank you so much.

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