Avalaunch Media Employee Testimonials

August 04, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Allison Hurd, PR & Social Media Director

How did you find your way to your current role at Avalaunch Media?

Seth: I found my way to Avalaunch Media a couple of years ago when I first started visiting Utah. It was a company that I wanted to look into. They had a great website, they had great reviews online but more importantly it looked like their employers took care of their employees. My current role as a Project Manager, I first interviewed for the SEO position and then Mitch and the team realized that I had some extra tools in my tool belt and I was able to apply for a Project Management position while interviewing for the SEO Role So it was - it was great to see and hear the feedback that I have plenty of opportunities here at Avalaunch to grow and succeed.

Cecily Jorgensen: My co-worker from my previous job was telling me what a great company it was, she had gotten a job as a sales support person and she just loved the culture and the people and so she invited me to one of their Google Partner Days and so I went and I just could tell it was a fantastic group of people who really cared about each other, cared about their work, they were all very professional and interesting and I really enjoyed the talks that the leadership especially gave and I just knew for my next step that I wanted to be at a company like this where I felt really comfortable that the leadership was super transparent and open and professional and just excellent at their craft and I just kind of had this epiphany that you know Avalaunch Media was the next place I wanted to go to grow as a marketer.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and the team at Avalaunch Media?

Allison Hurd: One of my favorite things about being a Social Media Manager and working in social media is that I still get to be creative. I have a creative background and I love being able to use those skills, but I also love that I am always challenged by the marketing side and by the data and analytics of performance marketing. I love that it's a mix of both worlds. I'm also very passionate about culture and society and just societal issues and I love that social media is kind of at the forefront of that. And so I really enjoy crafting messages that I think people will respond positively to. And so it's a little, it's fun. There's always something new. I also love that the social media industry is always changing. There's always some new algorithm, there's always some new social media platform to discover. And so there's not really an opportunity - you can't really be stale or stagnant in this industry. I'm always learning, I'm always getting to try something new and it's fresh.

Mike Riley: I think my favorite part of my role is twofold. One, I get to help clients develop and execute kind of a marketing strategy that supports their business. But then two, is working with a team of extremely talented and bright individuals that help execute that direction and so - being a part of that and letting people kind of do what they do and the best of their ability and seeing people just kind of like take ownership in their specific area and work to the best of their ability is really satisfying to see, and, I think, part of what makes Avalaunch so great.

Beau Graves: My favorite part of my role at Avalaunch is absolutely professional development and helping others find their success here as individual contributors, as leaders of the organization. And it's so fun to just see that play out and see others be as rewarded with their roles and responsibilities at Avalaunch as I am, and to just see people find success in what they do - whether that's as a leader of others and developing others, or if it's finding success in helping clients, and creating great strategy and creating, you know, amazing world class deliverables for our clients.

Josh Brereton: My favorite part of working at Avalaunch Media is - I think I have two favorite parts. One is just the people I work with. Everyone here is just high quality, high caliber person, people who are willing to help, and you know, if you're in a bind and you need a favor, people are going to work with you to try, and try and make something work. But I'd say the other favorite part about my role is, you know, as a Strategist, it's just so fun to work with so many different businesses, so many different personalities. It's fun to see the success and and happiness that I can bring to clients with our strategic direction and yeah, it's just a lot of fun, like one of the things that I love the best about about my job is or in general about anything is just seeing the effectiveness of what I've done, you know, kind of looking at a completed project and measuring how well it's doing and being a Strategist just allows me to, you know, come up with my own stuff and help the team implement it and you know, make a huge difference for my clients.

What stands out to you about the culture at Avalaunch Media?

Cecily Jorgensen: One of the biggest things that stands out to me at Avalaunch Media is just how kind, caring and professional our owners are and I feel like that is so important because those attitudes really trickle down to the rest of the company and truly set the foundation for the culture. And so I just really love for instance, a new value that they decided to add at our company, which is "Integrity" and I just appreciate that leadership, you know, one of the owners read an article and really thought about this value and brought it to the company and the team and we did some, you know, breakout groups where we discussed the article and talked about how we could all be better and work more with integrity and I just - that just really stood out to me, the level of care and consideration that our owners have that, again, I've seen that example really help the rest of their employees work differently, work better, and just ultimately make Avalaunch a better place.

Josh : I think my favorite part about the culture at Avalaunch is how open everyone is to talk to everyone. You can go up to any person, whether they're the director of the department, the owner of the company or an intern and have a great conversation and it doesn't matter who you are or what your role is, anybody is willing to talk to you and to learn or help you in whatever way. So I've learned a ton from other team - other teams - and I've really got to know some great people on other teams that I maybe wouldn't have at other places where - without such an open environment.

Allison Hurd: The culture is the best part of working at Avalaunch Media. I feel like I'm kind of just a broken record because I'm always talking to people about the people at Avalaunch. They really are some of the best people I know, but also the best marketers, I always feel supported by my teammates. It's never - it's never one against the other. We really are a team. We want to make sure that people feel comfortable with what they do and that they feel prepared to fulfill any tasks they're given. And the people that I work with are honestly my friends, I hang out with a lot of them after work and they're kind and they're supportive and it's always a blast going into the office because we are just talking about life and shared experiences and truly some of the best people I know, I feel very very grateful.

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