Michael Anthony Reardon for Customer Testimonial Videos

March 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michael Anthony Reardon

Why did you decide that your household needed solar? Was your bill too high? Increase in usage? Sick of paying the energy companies?

Michael Anthony Reardon: I thought I'd take on solar, um, my house faced in a good direction and I thought I'd look into it.

Can you describe why you chose AusPac Solar over other solar companies out there? Our Price? Our Service? Our rugged good looks?

Michael Anthony Reardon: After looking at a few companies, I came across the solar uh solar and they were very good right from the beginning. Very down to earth. Easy to talk to. Full of all the knowledge you needed to know. No questions were too hard. So I thought I'd go along with them, had a good feeling and I wasn't wrong.

How did your installation go? Were the team professional? Did they communicate with them up to install day?

Michael Anthony Reardon: This delay. She was very good. Uh, the team were very professional, very clean tidy, very, um, cheerful blokes. Um, and no worries whatsoever. They are here and go on within no time. Anything you had to ask was fully explained and I haven't had one ounce of a problem.

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