Ausloans Auctions Testimonial Videos

March 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Hey, I'm matt from Oslo in Sydney. I've been using the marketplace for about 12 months now as my sort of main source of leads. Um and I find it to be very good. Um the conversion of lead to a settlement is good quality and leads are generally pretty good. The income per contract is healthy and I'm generating multiples of $4 or $5 for every dollar that I invest. Um It's enabled me to put on a new broker in my business, fresh to fresh two broken. Um and he's been able to be cash flow positive from day one. So not only has it helped, you know, sustain my business and make my business profitable, it's enabled me to grow my business with without any sort of capital outlay um and generate additional income for a fresh broker to the business. So, yeah, I'd recommend um the marketplace leads to anyone looking to get into the industry.

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