Ausloans Finance Customer Testimonial Videos

March 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Please introduce yourself and tell us how your loan experience was with Ausloans Finance? Show us your new vehicle for extra points!

Hey, well, where do I start highly from Newcastle here we um got our finance with Oz loans and I'll tell you what it is, probably the best experience that I've ever actually had um dealing with matt. And the process was unbelievably easy. Um and very, very quick, matt was right on the ball with everything. I couldn't highly recommend him enough and couldn't highly recommend Oz loans enough either. Um Yeah, the process was just so, so easy and definitely definitely recommend using Oz loans if going for finance of your needs. And yeah, it was just so incredibly fast, easy and something that you want when you're trying to get finance for something um you don't want any hassles or any of that and it was just incredibly good, incredibly easy and highly recommend. Thanks guys.

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