Pavla Charapovova testimonial for Aulterra EMF protection products

November 08, 2021

Pavla Charapovova testimonial for Aulterra EMF protection products

Video Transcript

Speaker: Pavla Charapovova

Introduce yourself, tell us why you purchased the product, and describe what you like about it.

Pavla Charapovova: Hello everyone, my name is Pablo to, I live in New Zealand and I purchase Aulterra neutralizer maybe like um two or three weeks ago. And the reason for that is because currently um in New Zealand we're in a lockdown and so I'm on my devices more often now, especially on my phone and something happened to my phone, it's a bit broken and I am not able to use headphones anymore on my phone. Therefore whenever I am talking to someone on the phone which is now more more frequent, I have to hold my phone really close to my ears. And I remember that night when I was talking to my dear sister who was living in Czech Republic, we were speaking for three hours on a phone and yeah, I had my phone so close to my ears that night and I was talking to her for three hours and after those three hours I couldn't sleep all night. I had this really intense sharp pain in my, in my head and around my temples. Like it was unbearable the pain and this kind of pain happened to me quite often in the past, but it wouldn't be so sharp and it wouldn't last so long but I realized that I suffered from headaches and migraines for a long time and I never knew the cause. And then yeah, when I came across the Aulterra website and I read about how that could be quite um you know having devices around us all the time. It is actually damaging to ourselves and our brain. And so yeah, it kind of made sense that maybe the phone was the cause of the migraines. So that's why I realized to purchase the Aulterra neutralizers. And so I got three and I put one on my phone, one on my computer and I gave one to my friend. And yeah, I have to say that it's been only two or three weeks. But I haven't had those headaches anymore, those intense migraines, not even a slight headache. I haven't had those. So yeah and it's been only two or three weeks. So it's yeah, it's amazing and I would highly recommend it to people. And yeah, I want to buy more, I want to buy more of these neutralizer's for my family and I wanna share it with my friends and so yeah, definitely thumbs up for this product.

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