Joyce testimonial for Aulterra EMF protection products

November 05, 2021

Joyce testimonial for Aulterra EMF protection products

Video Transcript

Speaker: Loh Peck Siang Joyce

Introduce yourself, tell us why you purchased the product, and describe what you like about it.

Loh Peck Siang Joyce: Hi. My name is Joyce, I'm from Singapore the reason I buy this product is because um, as you know um.. Now everywhere we go, we have radiation. This product. We are using, will improve your health? Your mind will be more alert. Radiation is bad for health, so it is highly recommendable to get this product. Um This company is a well known company. You should try this product. For me, I intend to recommend to my family members because they are still using Wifi router and all this at home and microwave all this cause radiation. The phone you use also cause radiation. Therefore, I want to recommend my family members and my friends about this great product. Thank you.

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