Ellen Rose testimonial for Aulterra EMF protection products

November 12, 2021

Ellen Rose testimonial for Aulterra EMF protection products

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ellen Rose

Introduce yourself, tell us why you purchased the product, and describe what you like about it.

Ellen Rose: Hello. My name is Ellen. I was doing some research on the effects of 5G and came across Aulterra and I'm really glad I did. The website has valuable information such as videos, educating you on the effects. I do not want 5G on my phone or towers near me. I drive by some of the more populated areas and those ugly towers are everywhere. Customer service was very helpful in answering my questions so I could decide what I need. Delivery was prompt as well. So thank you very much for that. I purchased the full home, full vehicle and stickers for my electronics such as the router, cellphone, laptop, electric meter, wireless printer. I need more for other items such as my kindle, the microwave cat laser like things like that. I know um 5G and I'm pretty sure 4G As well are dangerous for our health. So I wanted to do what I could to protect me and my family. I am glad to have found Aulterra as it helps me sleep at night knowing there is something I can proactively do because I'm big about that and I do care about my health. So thank you very much for your product.

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