Elena Pollard for Customer Stories

November 04, 2021

Elena testimonial for Aulterra EMF protection products.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elena Pollard

Introduce yourself, tell us why you purchased the product, and describe what you like about it.

Elena Pollard: Hi my name is Elena. And I first discovered altera when I was researching a lot of different companies for E. M. F. Protection for me and my family. And I was really pleased with their third party research and um all the information that they gave and disclosed about their research. So I just love the product because especially during the pandemic you know my kids were having to do online school and they were on devices all day and with my work I have to be on a computer and phone all day. So I just love having that added layer of protection that helps me. Um I just feel more comfortable and safe with all the emfs that are coming out of these devices that we just don't have the ability to avoid every day. So I love them so much that I started actually selling them through my business. And I love that it gives my my customers and my clients some safety and a feeling of security knowing that they are blocking some of those harmful rays that are coming out of the devices. So um I love all terra and I've been using them for many years now.

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