Adam Peters for Aulterra Customer Stories

March 03, 2021

Adam Peters, an Aulterra customer talks about how Aulterra products helped eliminate the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Adam Peters

Introduce yourself, tell us why you purchased the product, and describe what you like about it.

Adam Peters: Hi. My name is Adam Peters. In June of 2020 I came down with a mysterious illness. I had severe fatigue, headaches, nausea, low grade fever and joint pain mostly in my hands. And over the course of seven months I saw many doctors including an infectious disease specialist. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with me. Finally, my acupuncturist suggested that I might be suffering from microwave illness. So I did some research and I came across the Aulterra website and I purchased the Aulterra family pack. I put the EMF neutralizer's on both my cell phone and on our wireless router at home. And two days later the fever that I had had every single day for five months solid disappeared and it hasn't returned. And gradually the rest of my symptoms disappeared as well. So I heartily endorse these products. I've also since then acquired the Aulterra Energy Pendant, I like to call the amulet of power. And I heartily endorse all of these products. They really gave me my life back. I was so sick, I couldn't do hardly anything. And now I'm pretty much back. So thank you Aulterra and I again, I can't endorse these products enough. Thanks!

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