Testimonial: Kate Bell, HW Global

February 22, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kate Bell, Head of Group Operations, HW Group

Why did you chose to work with Atlas Cloud?

Kate Bell: Hi there. My name is Kate Bell. I'm head of group operations at H W. Global were a recruitment and executive search firm with five sites across Manchester, Leeds and London. We've recently migrated to Atlas Cloud following a pretty extensive tender process. Um, we chose to work with Atlas based on their fast paced approach, their responsive approach, the way they collaborate. And culturally, we thought they were a very good fit for H W.

What is it like to work with Atlas Cloud?

Kate Bell: we're very much enjoying. Working with Atlas were only a few months into the process, but so far we find them incredibly responsive, tenacious, collaborative, very, very quick to support at all levels, whether that's an escalation process or, you know, on the help desk.

...and what's the best thing about working with us?

Kate Bell: For me, the best thing about working with Atlas is the team at all levels. Everybody is highly skilled, very collaborative, extremely responsive. You know, if they can't help immediately, they will always escalate things or put me in touch with the right person and really, they're very, very pleasant to deal with every single day of the week.

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