Employee Testimonials

April 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: James Thompson, Network and Security Manager

Why did you choose to work at Atlas Cloud?

Erin Le Gallez: I chose to work at this because I wanted a job where I could grow and development progress. And I felt like Atlas was a really good place to do that.

James Thompson: I chose to work at Atlas Cloud because of the work culture. Everybody here works as a team and shows respect towards one another.

Chris Laidler: I chose Atlas Cloud as I decided I wanted to work for an MSP and really progress my IT career I was promised training and progression. I've successfully completed two certifications in my first six months.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Atlas Cloud?

Jacky: The favourite thing about working at Atlas Cloud is the opportunity to work on the cutting edge technology projects with a talented and supportive team. I love the challenge of solving complex problems and see our work to make a real difference in the world.

James Thompson: My favourite thing about Atlas Cloud is how we're consistently moving forward as a company. We're always looking at the products that we provide to our customers and making sure that they're as best that they can be and you can really see that in the work that we do.

Chris Laidler: There's lots of different personalities, not just on the Help Desk, but across the company who have all been extremely friendly and helpful since I joined. There's always lots of social events where we'll celebrate our successes and you're always recognised for good performance.

Erin Le Gallez: You're encouraged to set your own goals and supported to achieve them. Whether it's formal qualifications, 121 training, coaching sessions. Everyone across the business is encouraged to develop themselves and celebrate when achieving their goals.

How would you describe the culture at Atlas Cloud?

Chris Laidler: I describe the work culture as extremely friendly, connected and collaborative. I find everyone very approachable across the business and everyone's happy to share knowledge as we work towards our goals on a daily basis.

Jacky: At Atlas Cloud, the culture is really centred around teamwork, innovation and personal growth. We have a strong sense of cooperation. Everyone works together to with a shared goal of using technology. The company is also very supportive.

James Thompson: Atlas Cloud has a culture that encourages innovation and improvement. And you can really see that in the way people work together collaboratively, we're never afraid to help each other when we get in a situation where we get stuck, and I think that makes Atlas a really good place to work at.

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