Customer Testimonial from Ann Swain

April 12, 2023

CEO of APSCo tells us what they like about working with Atlas Cloud.

Video Transcript


Why did you chose to work with Atlas Cloud?

ANN SWAIN: Hello. My name is Ann Swain. I'm the CEO of APSCo, which is the Association of Professional Staffing Companies. We choose Atlas Cloud to look after our systems for us about 12 months ago, and it's worked very well. I think the reason we chose them. I mean, there's a few, actually the first one we would never have gone with a company that wasn't a Trusted Partner because we take 20 references out on trusted partners and we could really check whether they were delivering the right kind of service that we would require to our members. And they were. We also knew that the people that started that business up, it had really quite extensive, recruitment oriented experience and pretty invested in giving something back into the recruitment market. And we felt that that added real value. From a technical point of view, we felt that they really were going to perhaps jump us ahead of where we had been before.

What is it like to work with Atlas Cloud?

ANN SWAIN: What's interesting is I don't hear much about Atlas Cloud, and that's because everything's going well. I would probably only get dragged in if we had problems, So the lucky thing is I don't get dragged in. We haven't got problems. And actually, before doing this, I thought I'd better check up that there was a very positive view within APSCo for Atlas Cloud. And indeed there is. There has been and there absolutely is moving forward. We've been pleased with our

Specifically, what is the best thing about working with Atlas Cloud?

ANN SWAIN: We've been pleased with our decision. It's been the right decision. I think these guys are good guys to do business with. Actually, I think they've been responsive to the needs of APSCo. and actually really are giving some something back into the recruitment market. They're attending APSCo meetings and giving advice and guidance, actually to the recruitment market, giving something of themselves. So we've been impressed.

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