Asya-Mariya's Experience with The Journey of a Cosmic Soul

February 28, 2024

Video Transcript

Speakers: Asya-Mariya, The Journey of a Cosmic Soul Participant

Asya-Mariya: It's just so amazing to be on the mat with Juliana and Mark. It's amazing and so powerful, so inspiring. Their work is beyond what anyone else could explain and experience the way that they made you feel through all the asanas, through all the work that we do, even in a short period of time is so amazing and is so touching and they really, really invite you to, to go back every single day. And I really wake up and the first thing that I'm thinking about in the morning is I have to do my yoga practice with them because I know how deeply important is this not only for my day, but for all my month and I really truly believe for all my year that is coming. And yeah, it's special to be with them and they encourage you to, to go deep, to go deep inside of your soul to experience your body in different ways. And it's always, always great pleasure to, to share time with them.

How has "The Journey of a Cosmic Soul" impacted your mental and physical being?

Asya-Mariya: Practicing every day, especially I did all the classes in the morning right after my morning tea. So really starting the day like this brought me a lot of peace. I was so balanced during this period of time, I really feel relieved, released and full of full of positive emotions. And um really, um it's so amazing to start your days like this because it really balanced everything and any time during the day when you have a difficult moment or something negative happening, really, if you just remember for a second, what you did in the morning, it helps you a lot through passing passing this these difficult times. So of course, um my body felt so grateful about the work stretching every day doing asanas as every day meditate every day. It, it's something so powerful and really my body starts searching it. more and more even if I had one day without yoga without them on my mat. I really, in the end of the day, I feel that my body is asking. So where is the yoga now? Because we really need it. My body and my soul and my mind, we need it. And it's a very important and special work and I really encourage everybody to do it because it's a gift. It's a gift that you can do for yourself.

What is the #1 reason you would recommend "The Journey of a Cosmic Soul" to a friend?

Asya-Mariya: As a friend, believe me, it's worthy to do it. It's really worth it to go on the mat every single day and to make something special and important to yourself with these amazing guys, with their unconditional love and great, great videos and yes, that's all just do it.

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