Andrew Carey for Advice for 2023 ASU Grads

April 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrew Carey

Describe how you felt after you graduated from college.

Andrew Carey: I felt after I graduated from college, uh, thrilled, grateful, optimistic, but also scared, concerned. Um, just a little bit fearful about kind of what was next. Uh, even though I was fortunate enough to have a job lined up locally. Um, just knowing that my life was gonna change significantly that my going to work was now my identity, my career, uh, was pretty overwhelming for me. And, uh, but so really mixed emotions about being excited but being, uh, uh, a little fearful about what's next.

What do you wish you knew after graduation?

Andrew Carey: I wish I knew after graduation, the importance of maintaining connections uh from my professors to my classmates to uh any networking I had done even in formal networking uh during, during college, uh maybe early career, just maintaining those connections and being very intentional about those uh keeping in contact with people basically just to check in uh see how they're doing. Let them let them know. I'm thinking about them. Not even necessarily uh looking for a job or looking for an opportunity just being very intentional. Uh kind of like you are with important friendships, making sure that you're staying connected and showing people that you value them uh that you care about them and, and hopefully at the same time, they're keeping you in mind for things as well and then uh serving as a support system for you as a result.

What is the biggest lesson you learned in your 20s?

Andrew Carey: The biggest lessons I learned in my twenties were number one to have fun. Uh at a time where a very stressful time in your life where you feel like you should be maybe further ahead than you are. Uh giving yourself a break at times that you know, that you don't have to have it all figured out. Um Really the only probably person that thinks you do is yourself, uh maybe some friends and maybe some family have put some uh expe expectations on you. Uh Maybe unfairly. I think those are things to be able to talk about openly and, and kind of share where you're at. Um And also admit that uh there's parts of your life that maybe you're not sure about or additional resources you're trying to seek, uh, and really leaning into your support network, you know, whether that's classmates, friends, uh family, uh if they're close by or if they're not. Uh and even talking to your employer or even past employers, again, more maintaining connections probably than anything else. I think it's very important.

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