Jay Timmons for ASTM International 125th Anniversary Message

February 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jay Timmons

Please tell us your name, title, and organization and tell us about your experience in working with ASTM International.

Jay Timmons: Hey there, I'm jay timmons, the president and ceo of the National Association of Manufacturers on behalf of all of us at the N A. M, congratulations to A S. T. M. On 125 years Since 1898, you've helped industries worldwide operate safely and productively improving the lives of successive generations. At the N A. M, we're proud to partner with you through our council of Manufacturing associations and we're so grateful for the leadership of Kathy morrigan. Through the years we worked together to foster a better regulatory environment and to advance trade policies that help manufacturers succeed to create jobs and to make the world a better place. Your team of experts are always quick to lend your insights or a helping hand. Manufacturing associations have a unique and critical role to play at this moment in our nation's history. So we look forward to strengthening the partnership between the N A M. And A S T M for the next 125 years.

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