Theresa Torelli for AssistPro® Testimonials

August 29, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Theresa Torelli, Co-Founder & President, YourHire Recruiting

What challenges were you experiencing that made you choose AssistPro?

Theresa Torelli: that I was experiencing before. I was lucky enough to hire someone from AssistPro®. Gosh, it's probably what every CEO deals with and that's overwhelmed, trying to do everything myself, staying up till midnight, every night, trying to be present for my family, then working extra hours at night. Doing everything from some of my accounting to my scheduling to my calendaring, to my email and it just, there wasn't enough time in the day. So that was the problem that I was experiencing before working with AssistPro.

How has your assistant helped alleviate your pain points?

Theresa Torelli: The answer is really how has she not helped me? I have more time in my day. We have been more profitable, more organized. We start off our week with a strategy meeting every week. It really keeps us focused in our business. And a lot of the tasks that we're taking up time keeping me up till midnight are now done by Erica, our assistant and she really has become like family to us. There is really nothing that she won't do that she won't tackle. And like I said, as a result has added more time in my day. My calendar is more organized. My email is more organized and I just have such a peace of mind that I can really focus on what it takes to run a business successfully knowing that I have this amazing person making everything work in the background. So I think that I could go on and on, but those are just some of the main things that come to mind.

What do you believe makes AssistPro different?

Theresa Torelli: different, I would say for us, it's just the ease right now. We need things to be easy. We're very busy. We are running a business and it's just nice that even at tax time that's taken care of. AssistPro manages all of that, any of the continuing education, they have a network of people I know that they can talk to and it was nice to be able again to run my business to be presented with qualified candidates to select the right assistant. And it has been a perfect match. So it just, I feel like from the beginning of finding an assistant to again end of year tax time, it is just all very easy and seamless and just a wealth of information and helpful things at our finger tips. And so nice to have someone that you can always check in with if you have any additional questions or issues.

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