Kara Noonan for AssistPro® Testimonials

August 29, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kara Noonan, VP of GA, TN, Central FL Account Development, Dale Carnegie Training

What challenges were you experiencing that made you choose AssistPro?

Kara Noonan: As an executive, my day is full of meetings and it was becoming very challenging and frustrating to try and manage and sort through my inbox. After a day full of meetings. There are many things that need my response, need my signature, need my oversight. But there are also many things that just need to get filtered through or summarized for me. And that's when I reached out to AssistPro.

How has your assistant helped alleviate your pain points?

Kara Noonan: What I love about working with Jeanette, who is my assistant, is she's very proactive, which works very well for my personality. She's constantly looking for ways to take more off of my plate. She will even try to read emails that I reply to and interpret where she can fit in and help me with drafts and responses sooner. So I always feel like she is looking for ways to have my back.

What do you believe makes AssistPro different?

Kara Noonan: I love the organization that I get from AssistPro® from the initial survey to really interviewing and meeting possible assistants to then ramping up those assistants, quickly AssistPro was very proactive in helping me go through those stages and even pushing me through some of those stages. I simply don't have time to keep up with where we are in the process and that was never an issue. So I love the organization and the onboarding strategy with AssistPro.

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