Dave D ABL Testimonial

January 03, 2023

One of our most valued borrowers shares their experience working with ABL for nearly five years!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dave D, ABL Florida Borrower

How long have you been working with ABL?

Dave D: I'm coming to you live from the gym here and I've been working with ABL I would say for at least four years, might be close to five at this point, kind of lose track of time. It's been a fantastic experience. I was hesitant to try them out until one of our other investors told me what a good experience they had and try them out. So we tried them out and never looked back. So it's, I think it's close to five years.

What do you appreciate most about working with ABL?

Dave D: Well, what I appreciate most about working with ABL is the customer service. Uh, I have never been taken care of as well as I am right now with my loan officer. Uh, in all my years of working with loan officers, I've never had somebody go out of the way as much as they do to answer my questions, get back to me. I'm never hanging out there wondering what's going on. If I got a question, I pick up the phone, they're there, uh, they will make a point of calling me sometimes just to check in to say hi, see how things are going. Um, if I do have a problem, the problem is taken care of right away. So customer service, main reason number one and uh, I just like working with them. They're just nice people, so that's why.

What kind of projects do you use ABL for?

Dave D: I use ABL for remodeling houses as well as new construction. We started remodeling houses back when the crash happened in 2009. And how we use ABL for financing the purchase and remodel these houses, it went very, very well. And then we got into new construction and ABL was also able to fund new construction. So we started using their funds for new construction. And to date we've probably done well over 100 new homes. And we've used ABL between me and my partners for at least half of them. And on the remodels, I know again, we've probably used ABL for 40 or 50 remodels as well. And it's always been smooth and transactions are great. So that's what we use ABL for.

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