Aaron Andersen for Video Testimonials

February 07, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Aaron Andersen

How long have you been working with ABL and what type of projects have you financed with us?

Aaron Andersen: Hey there. I just wanted to give a shout out to my friends over, I asked based lending um I just had an amazing, awesome experience working with them. We just closed on a 14 unit apartment building. Um that originally tried to work with some local banks to work on, but I wasn't able to get it across the finish line with them. So the folks over asset based lending not only were able to close on the deal, but we're also able to help me and take over the process last minute. Um They were incredible to work with, I can't speak more good about them. Um how easy they were work with communication was always on point clarity. Um They were able to provide me information right up front of what the loan terms were going to be. Um And they were just incredibly awesome to work with. I definitely recommend working with them if you get the opportunity to, I would recommend them to friends I already have. Um and I'm totally going to use them again, Really great professional team. Um and they totally saved my bacon on this project because I don't know if I would have closed it without them um given the circumstances, so I'm really thankful for them and I'm excited to work with all the folks over at asset based lending again. Thanks guys, appreciate it

How has ABL helped you with your real estate business?

Aaron Andersen: So, asset based lending has helped me with my real estate business. Uh Two big ways. One big way was helping me close on a project that I wasn't able to get across the finish line with other lenders. Um So that's significant because I think that's gonna be a big part of my portfolio going forward. Um Additionally, you know, whenever you work with a lender and you make it across the finish line and have a great experience. Not only are you solving that particular problem, but now I confidently know I have, you know, another group of people in this case, asset based lending in my back pocket that I can use for future projects. So um you know what asset based lending was able to do here, not only help me get across the finish line with this project, but also build my confidence that these guys can help me close deals. Um Sometimes these are kind of crazy, funky deals, they can really help me with that, that will help me scale my business, which I'm really excited about, So I'm I'm looking forward to working with them in the future

What do you appreciate most about working with ABL?

Aaron Andersen: So what I appreciate the most about asset based lending I think is probably, I mean there's a lot of things but I'll focus on two things in particular. Um I think their communication was really on point. I worked with Kevin um for my project and he was awesome to work with. The entire team was really communicative and responsive, we had some issues with title on our recent projects and uh you know, communication was key to kind of keep the process in motion. Um So they were really great there and just keep me posted, you know, or letting me know what I can do to help or what they need for me throughout the process. Um which is great because we were trying to hit a specific timeline with our project and they were incredibly helpful. So communication um and I overall I just say professionalism, the team was super great to work with, you know, not only communication wise, but you know, they really know what they're doing, you know, so like that that's evidence in the way that they work a deal um just what they know about the industry and everything, so you know, the professionalism and how they operate and you know, being lenders in the industry. So yeah, they were awesome. I really loved working with them for all those reasons

How can ABL improve its process to better help you in the future?

Aaron Andersen: How can asset based lending um improve in the future? I don't honestly know. I mean, nobody's perfect, so I'm not gonna necessarily say that, but I don't know. I mean for my process in particular they were just incredibly helpful. I don't really have any critique on how they can improve. Um Yeah, I'll let you know if I think of something, but they were great, always good on that front.

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