Andres & Will (Reel)

April 12, 2022

Video Transcript

Mhm. Okay. I'm Andres Hernandez, my partner. Mm hmm. We'll do it again. I'll let it keep rolling. I'll give you a thumbs up again. I'm Andres Hernandez. I'm William Seals, we're SHG Homes. We've been working with ABL for over the last probably eight months and it's been a seamless chemistry with them, allowing us to expand to about seven builds right now on the LBI West Beach Haven area in Manahawkin, New Jersey. The Jersey Shore. The Jersey Shore area. That's what we're trying to cover and has been a great help and let us expand in in the right time in the right market. With the help of Zak, he's personally taken us under his wing and he's helped us navigate the different challenges of finance that's needed to expand. I'm looking forward to working with him in the future and continue to grow. Thank you guys. Thank you for all your help. Mm hmm.

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