Ameer 1

July 26, 2022

Ameer Testimonial Part 1

Video Transcript

My name is Ameer Strange. I'm with Bright Life, LLC. That's my business and development. I'm a police officer, that's my passion. I'm looking to retire soon, early, thanks to ABL in assisting me and my real estate business. ABL man, they took my training wheels. I rode the bike, they had training wheels and we did this thing together man, and I couldn't do it without them. You know, one of my main guys that assisted me was Zak, he walked me through everything. And, you know, from head to toe, I mean from the draws, from the phone calls from the secretary, its been amazing. You know, the whole experience been amazing. You know, your investors are your partners, because I call ABL my partners, can make it a great experience or they can make it the worst experience and they made it amazing for me and I thank them for that.

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