Why Join Assembly Health | Mike Jones, Founder of ClinicAnywhere

March 23, 2023

Learn why Mike Jones, Founder of ClinicAnywhere, decided to partner with Assembly Health.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mike Jones, Founder, ClinicAnywhere

Why did you choose to partner with Assembly Health?

Mike Jones: We chose to partner with Assembly Health because we felt in some way we had sort of taken the company about as far as we could take it but we were still wanting to grow and continue to work and continue to contribute to the company's success. So the Assembly Health partnership offered us the opportunity to take some chips off the table now but to work with the Assembly Health team to continue to scale and grow the company and look forward to maximizing the investment that we made at that point down the road with a second bite of the apple.

How has partnering with Assembly benefited your company?

Mike Jones: Partnering with Assembly Health has definitely allowed our company to go to the next level. I think between the capital, the resources, the people, and the team that was brought to the table to complement our team and, and our success that we'd had to that point. It's provided a tremendous benefit to our team. It's given our team some things to look forward to in terms of their personal growth. It's given us the opportunity to scale the company far beyond what we would have been able to do on our own.

How would you describe the Assembly team?

Mike Jones: The Assembly team has been a tremendous asset to our company and our growth. The team brought so much to the table where we did not have the level of expertise that they bring to the table, whether it be in our business development efforts, our sales and marketing efforts, certainly in our finance and scalability. So the Assembly team has been invaluable and has been completely complimentary and accretive to the team that we had built at ClinicAnywhere.

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