Increase Your Practice Collections with RCM Services

July 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Your practice faces growing business challenges High operating costs, complex payor rules, and tough competition for qualified staff. You want to provide high quality care and operate efficiently, not feel frustrated by low collections and slow cash flow. That's why practices choose APS Medical Billing Solutions Since 1982, APS has helped practices to collect more and operate better. We provide comprehensive revenue cycle management services with strategies customized to your unique practice. APS' expert staff, revenue accelerating technologies, and individualized client services help practices collect 10% more on average. Before your providers even see their next patient, our provider enrollment and credentialing team ensures that they're fully billable. Our certified coders and billers are experienced in radiology, cardiology, anesthesiology, and dozens of other specialties - maximizing your cash flow with a 95% clean claim rate. Our expert AR management team quickly resolves unpaid claims, fixes what's causing denials, and analyzes payor trends to empower your contracting decisions. With 100% data transparency, you'll never wonder "What's going on with my practice?" Our dashboards give you actionable data at a glance, and our custom reports reveal opportunities to collect more faster. But what truly makes APS different? We're part of your team. Your account manager is a proactive and trusted strategic advisor. Your patients have easy, direct pay options with a friendly support center to answer their questions. It's why our clients recommend APS to fellow practice leaders, and why we offer a 100% guarantee that you won't lose revenue during your service transition. With APS you'll collect more, operate better, and see your standard for excellent care reflected in your revenue cycle. It's time for a better, less stressful, more strategic approach to revenue operations. You focus on delivering world class care. We'll take care of the rest.

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