Michael for Aspire Inc. Video Testimonials

February 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michael , Account Manager

Michael : Hey, good morning, my name is Michael and I'm an account manager at Aspire and I've been here for about three months now.

What drew you to Aspire?

Michael : What drew me to aspire was, um the work culture and just the whole team atmosphere, all the excitement and everything, and the enthusiasm about actually becoming my own business owner. That's what really intrigued me about the business.

What is the most important thing you've learned working at Aspire?

Michael : So one of the things that I've learned about representing some of the largest telecommunication companies, which is really exciting was seeing all the growth and opportunity and seeing all the new offices open, which is super exciting because I've never seen anything like this in the history of as long as I've worked in the US.

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