ASEA 2023 Global Convention Speakers

August 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Zoltan Várnai

Zoltan Várnai: Hi, everyone. My name is I originally from Hungary, but right now we are living in Switzerland. Thanks to ASEA two years ago, we managed to move in our dream home by the Lake Lugano.

Zoltan Várnai: In ASEA global convention in September 2023. I will be one of the speaker on the main stage and I will share with you my thoughts, how we build the business in difficult times and also in breakout sessions. I was speaking about how to use your time smartly and how to become efficient. I know many of you are struggling building the team and somehow your business partners are not duplicating you and you are struggling to find the ways how you can help the team duplicate what you are doing. So I will be speaking and sharing some tips and ideas what we did and how we did it. So if you want to meet me, I would be more than happy to share with you in life, all the thoughts and all the ideas, what we learned in the last four years.

Zoltan Várnai: So if you want to get motivated, if you want to get ideas, you want to learn how to become a strong leader in the future, please book your ticket in global convention in September 2023. I will be there looking forward to meeting you in worst case scenario, buy your virtual tickets if you are not able to make it because you don't want to miss this powerful motivation and inspiration and a huge amount of knowledge that you will get there. So see if there's some.

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