ASEA 2023 Global Convention Speakers

August 18, 2023

About the convention Saturday activities.

Video Transcript

Hello ASEA I'm excited to share with you how we're switching things up at convention this year. Saturday morning is not your typical breakouts, but rather a morning to experience ASEA. Come to the store and enjoy the various activities that we'll have there on whatever schedule and pace you want to take it. We will have yoga classes that you can participate in. A Tai Chi class will be taught. We'll have a pickup ball tournament that you can sign up for. Once you get to convention, 32 teams will be able to compete and it will start Saturday morning. You can play, you can come watch whatever you would like. Additionally, we will have three different areas around the store where there will be fireside chats 20 minute quick sessions on very specific topics from experts where you can come and learn, ask questions and have a dialogue with those that are there at the fireside chat. Then we will also have the service project happening in the store. It's gonna be a great morning with various ways for you to experience ASEA and we can't wait to be there with you.

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