ASEA Employee Spotlight

August 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Robb Bruce, Managing Director, UX

Robb Bruce: Hello. I'm Rob Bruce and I have been with ASEA for a little over three years and I am managing director of user experience. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, but I'm a Florida native and I happen to be staying in Florida this week visiting family and I'm staying with my mom in the house. I grew up in, I've been in marketing for, gosh, over 30 years now and very happy to be with the ASEA

Robb Bruce: So I joined ASEA in early March 2020 about two weeks before the pandemic hit the United States really hard. So it was a really interesting time for me to join a company and be on boarded. But I immediately felt very welcome and I still feel very welcome. One of the things I like most about working with the company is the people that I get to work with in user experience and knowing what we do makes a difference for our associates.

Robb Bruce: So I'm being asked to tell you what my favorite product is, with ASEA and I'm gonna cheat. I'm gonna say two. I actually really love RENU28 . I use it all over my body. I use it on my face. It's such an easy, simple and effective product. the other product I like is a newer one. I really like REDOXMind I feel like it sharpens me. I drink it most mornings before I head into work and it definitely makes a difference. I actually feel the days that I forget to use it in the morning.

Robb Bruce: So I really enjoy working hard but I also enjoy playing hard. I love anything outdoors. moving from Florida to Utah eight, almost nine years ago. it's an outdoor person's kind of paradise. my favorite are backpacking, camping. ski season this past year was absolutely incredible. So, I love doing just about anything outdoors.

Robb Bruce: So honestly, I had not heard of Redox. before I started working with ASEA or maybe I should say before I applied to work with ASEA and I did some research and of course, I've learned so much about redox and the impact that it makes on life on living itself and whether it's ASEA REdox cell signaling supplement or range of cell performance products or skin care, the line of via products, our products are so easy to use. It's so easy to integrate into your daily routine. And they can make such a big difference whether or not you want more energy, a sharper mind, more focus, healthier looking skin. There's a range of products that can really easily make an effective difference in your life.

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