ASEA Associate Spotlight

August 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Radha McChristy, Platinum Associate

Radha McChristy: Hi, I'm Radha McChristy. I've been with ASEA for 11 years now, since 2012.

Radha McChristy: I'm a platinum associate living in Virginia.

Radha B McChristy: I've done a lot of yoga in my life.

Radha McChristy: I'm a mother of four grown children, and I now have seven grandchildren.

Radha B McChristy: Was the featured model in the book on prenatal yoga in the seventies.

Radha B McChristy: After my divorce, I spent 13 years

Radha B McChristy: It was a lot to juggle.

Radha B McChristy: It took me a while to start earning a decent income.

Radha B McChristy: I, started to get a career mostly in sales and marketing. I worked at Upline magazine in the nineties. And, that is how I became familiar with network marketing. Although, I never joined a company.

Radha B McChristy: When the great recession hit in 2009,

Radha B McChristy: I was reaching retirement age.

I was surprised to learn how small my social security check was going to be.

I, decided to look for a network marketing company at that point.

Radha B McChristy: That's when my friend, Doctor Zach Bush, who was a triple board certified MD told me about ASEA, and invited me to drive with him to an event in Maryland where we could meet the founders of the company.

Radha B McChristy: My favorite product is ASEA Redox cell signaling supplement. It was the only product we had when I joined.

Radha B McChristy: It has remained my favorite.

Radha B McChristy: It helped me to overcome a number of health challenges. Some of them were considered at the time a normal part of aging, even by me, and some were lingering for years after living in a house that had toxic black mold for one year.

Radha B McChristy: It seems to be making me look younger as well as feel younger.

Radha McChristy: I always find ways to incorporate ASEA into my daily life.

Radha McChristy: Slowly my business has expanded and grown, into 18 countries globally.

I'm so relieved to be able to pay my mortgage and have a comfortable standard of living.

I've always loved being involved with pioneering things.

I love helping others.

Radha McChristy: I love the time freedom I have.

Radha McChristy: I appreciate this pioneering company so much.

Radha McChristy: I hope my story can encourage others.

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