ASEA Convention Speaker Videos

August 31, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Edouard Gug , VP, ASEA Europe

Edouard Gug : Hello, my name is Edouard Gug. I am the vice president of ASEA Europe. I would like to take one minute with you today to share about what you can expect at convention taking place in a couple of weeks. Our job as a company, our job as corporate is to create the best environment possible for our associates to lead with purpose and also to speak with passion about ASEA, and of course, we are always trying to do that with a long term approach in mind. We are also very pragmatic in how we see this business in particular. I think in a fast changing environment and in an environment where customer habits are changing quite fast as well. And I think that the biggest mistake would be to take decision by habits and those changes, those transformation will always create, I think new opportunities and as we want to reach the mass markets and fulfill our mission and fulfill our vision, all the facts and all the research showed that adapting to today's world is more a necessity than an option. And one of the question of course is how do we adapt to the market instead of asking the market to adapt to us. And during this 2023 Global Convention, I will have the pleasure to share a record session with our wonderful triple diamond executive from Norway, Sissel Andersen. And I will focus on what we call the Gig economy. I will focus on why Direct selling is a pioneer in what we call the Gig economy today. And also what is was to explore to better attract the talent flooding the Gig economy. We do not claim to have all the answers, but I believe that we can provide with some perspectives to explore. It will be a pleasure. It will be a honor to exchange with you in a couple of weeks. And I can only encourage you to book your ticket for the convention if you did not do it yet. I am very much looking forward to seeing you there very soon. Thank you very much.

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