ASEA 2023 Global Convention Speaker

August 26, 2023

Video Transcript

Hey there, Danielle Matthews here. I am a diamond executive with ASEA and I've been with this incredible company since 2014. I've built my business entirely in the cold market. Originally, I built it in my local community, going networking, going to different events, doing vendor booths and then it kind of transitioned and I went more online. So I've been doing everything on social media, all of the different platforms. I've played around on and I have coached and trained a team from around the world doing the same thing. In this breakout session. We're gonna be talking about the shared cart. Now, I wanna show you little hacks, little things you can do so that if you're at a networking event with a click of a couple buttons, you can send somebody something so they could purchase. If you're doing a vendor booth by scanning something, they could jump right into ordering. If you're using social media, so many different things we can do in your stories. with links in your bio, I want to help you get yourself set up. Understand this is one of the best tools that we have had and most people are missing the little tiny things that we can do to make this super easy, basically to take the friction away so that purchasing ASEA becomes easy. If we want to get somebody started with a trial of the tube of the gel or our collagen product, it's no problem. If we want to help them get signed up as a customer subscribing and saving or joining our business, we don't have to have some big conversation and walk them through the website. We can just be a consult, make a recommendation and say, hey, I'll send you a link to, you can get started. I'm gonna show you all the things I've been doing and share with you some different ideas that you can go home and take the friction away, make your business simple and easy. If you have not already be sure you get your convention ticket. So you are there in person. in person is always the best because you're gonna grab things that you need. You'll be able to talk with speakers afterwards. You'll meet people in the hallway. There's just something about getting into that energy space away from the day to day grind, you know, putting yourself in a space where you're surrounded by people that look at the world differently and will inspire you. So I hope that you are there. If you are, please come up, say hello, I look forward to meeting you. And I definitely hope you come to this breakout session and, learn a little bit for yourself.

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