ASEA 2023 Global Convention Speakers

August 18, 2023

About the convention service project

Video Transcript

Hello ASEA I'm excited to share with you the service project that we will be doing at convention as part of our Impact Week. As you know, Impact Week is in honor of Vertis Norton's birthday that is happening on September 11th and we're gonna celebrate it just a little bit later at our convention. We are partnering with a local nonprofit called Cloud Covered Streets. They go out and help the homeless population by giving them showers and hygiene kits. So we need your help to put together the items that we will need to assemble 500 hygiene kits. Now, you can click on the link below and go and register just saying what it is that you're going to bring and donate. You can sign up for certain items. You can see how many items we have and that's why we have the registration list. So you can see what we still need. If you don't wanna bring anything, you can just go ahead make a donation and we'll order the stuff and bring with us anything that's missing. Now, on Saturday morning of convention is when we're going to be putting together these hygiene kits in the store at the foundation booth. Now, also, in addition to making hygiene kits, we're going to be weaving sleeping mats out of recycled plastic shopping bags. So you know all those bags that are piling up in your kitchen, bring those with you to convention and we'll be able to turn them into sleeping mats that will provide some cushion and some in insulation for the homeless. And we'll be donating them also to the cloud cover streets. We appreciate you and your contribution. We ask that you help us to um make an impact in Fort Worth Texas and give back to the community by bringing donations for those hygiene kits that are stopping by the foundation booth during the week at convention and working on some of the sleeping mats and then help us on Saturday morning to assemble the 500 hygiene kits that will leave behind doing good in the world there in Fort Worth Texas. Thank you for your support of the foundation. We appreciate you and couldn't do this without you.

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