REDOXMood Experience

September 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tabatha Warr

Tabatha Warr: I recently became a mom and with that comes a lot of stress, a lot of emotions. And since I've found REDOXMood, I have noticed a drastic difference in my day to day life. When I take it, I feel so much more in control of all of my emotions. I mean, they can be a roller coaster sometimes, and the daily stresses of life that would normally knock me off my day and get me in such a weird mood. I notice that they do not do that. I'm able to adjust, adapt, and it just gives it a sense of calm throughout the day, which is incredible to have.

Tabatha Warr: Again, as a new mom, I think my emotions are all

Tabatha Warr: And also the stress of becoming a new mom is always there. I'm working full time with that. There's just a lot of stress going on. There's a lot of tasks that I need to do.

Tabatha Warr: I'm going to work, I'm coming home. I need to meal prep for my baby. I'm prepping for bathtime. I'm doing the dishes all these day to day tasks. Before I found REDOXMood. They were hard to do,

Tabatha Warr: I just didn't have the drive to do them some days. But I find when I take REDOXMood, I am so happy throughout the day. It's giving me that constant, release that I need to get through those tasks. I feel happy energized, optimistic to do them. And for that, I love REDOXMood for that reason.

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