ASEA RENU28 Revitalizing Gel Experience

September 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stacey Cornelius

Stacey Cornelius: I have had tons of compliments on my skin. I'm just saying, and it's all because of RENU28 I used it in the morning. I use it at night. I actually put it on three times in five minutes on my face.

Stacey Cornelius: I used to have, breakouts every month of acne on my face and I haven't had that in a few years. So that really does help with confidence in how you're feeling about yourself.

Stacey Cornelius: I've actually increased the amount of working out that I do. I put the RENU28 on prior to my workouts, prior to riding my bike and after, and have had a huge change in muscle soreness and how quick I can recover. I used to be sore for days and now I'm able to exercise the next day.

Stacey Cornelius: I am 49 years old. I don't think I look 49 years old. I've had numerous people say there's no way you're 49 years old. I guess it's because of RENU28. I know it is.

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