ASEA REDOXMood Experience

September 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stacey Cornelius

Stacey Cornelius : When I lost my mom, it was probably one of the most stressful times I've ever had in my life. And I started, I was already taking the Mood, but I usually take it at night, but I took it in the daytime just to kind of help me get through the day. And I could definitely tell that it helped me.

Stacey Cornelius : I take REDOXMood at night just to kind of settle my thoughts. It definitely helps me sleep better. So I'm gonna say it has helped with my mental clarity a lot because I'm able to sleep and I dream when I'm taking the REDOXMood and I have actually tracked it with my watch that when I am taking the REDOXMood, my REM sleep is more compared to when I don't take it.

Stacey Cornelius : I'm a pretty positive person. Actually. I believe my blood work is a positive. But anyway, the Mood, like I

Stacey Cornelius : said, it, it helps me sleep. So if you're not sleeping, you're kind of miserable. So, with my mood at night and helping me sleep, I do think it helps me throughout the day just to be in a better mood.

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