ASEA REDOXRadiance Experience

September 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stacey Cornelius

Stacey Cornelius: I started taking REDOXRadiance because Asia makes it, and I knew if ASEA made it, it was gonna be good and it was gonna help me in some way. How it was gonna help me? I didn't know because as you can tell I'm not really a diva, I didn't really know much about collagen and collagen support, but I can say this, that I like to work out and I haven't had to put lotion on these ashy legs in over a week and a half after being on Radiance for a month. So that is a win for me. I guess my skin is hydrated.

Stacey Cornelius: I think the REDOXRadiance tastes great. I actually mix it with some other of the Cell Performance and it tastes great to me.

Stacey Cornelius: I don't know if these eyelashes can get longer than they already are because if they do, but I'll go for it.

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